Dan Garner – „Understanding Nutrition“ Seminar

31.10.2017 | Ernährung, Seminare

Nutrition scecialist Dan Garner will be extending his world tour length and adding a visit to Urban Athletes gym in Cologne, Germany in january 2018. He will be doing the super popular „Understanding Nutrition“ weekend seminar where you will learn his „Outside-in“ and „Inside-out“ methods to take your nutritional practice to a world-class level.

Here’s what you can expect to learn from the course and be able to apply confidently that following Monday with yourself and your clientele:

► DAY 1:
-Introduction to Advanced Nutrition and the „Outside-In“ Approach
-The 10-Rules of Properly Interpreting Research and Understanding the Weight of that Evidence
-The TRUTH Behind Energy Balance and Human Metabolism
-Setting and Adjusting Calories for Fat Loss, Maintenance, Recomposition, Refeeds, and Lean Mass Phases
-Biochemistry and Hormonal Response to Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fat
-Setting Macronutrients for Different Populations
-Peri-Workout Nutrition: The Formula for Getting the Best Performance and Recovery Possible

► DAY 2:
-Introduction to Advanced Nutrition and the „Inside-Out“ Approach
-The TRUTH Behind Individual Carbohydrate Tolerance
-The Physiology of Insulin
-Factors Affecting Carb Tolerance
-Testing and Determining Carbohydrate Tolerance
-Practical Application for Carb Prescription
-Understanding the Role of Gut Health in Performance and Body Composition
-Digestion Fundamentals
-Possible Areas for Gut Dysfunction
-Designing Programs and Protocols for Gut Health and Performance
-My Top 5 Tips for Success in the Health and Fitness Industry

„At the end of this weekend, you will have access to my best research and my best methods to get world class results in a truly evidence-based approach. Hope to see you there, and can’t wait for my first visit to Germany!“

Saturday & Sunday – January 26th & 27th 2018

Widdersdorfer Straße 185
D-50825 Köln

Your investment:
Early Bird: $ 900,- CAD (≈620,- EUR) – payment before Dec. 10th
Regular: $ 1000,- CAD (≈690,- EUR) – payment after deadline of Dec. 10th

For registration simply inbox Dan at his „Dan Garner Strength Coach + Nutrition Specialist“ Facebook page, or, e-mail him to dangarner88@gmail.com
Please provide your full name and the e-mail you would like him to send the registration payable invoice to so you can make payment and lock your seat in!

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