Miloš Šarčev’s Maximum Hypertrophy Training Camp

9.04.2018 | Allgemein, Erfolge, Seminare, Training

Bodybuilding Legend Miloš „The Mind“ Šarčev will be coming to Cologne, Germany to provide 3 days of Muscle Camp pleasure and pain! Are you ready for the training experience of your lifetime?

▶️ MILOŠ ŠARČEV – Former IFBB Pro bodybuilder – Won the the 1989 Mr. Universe contest – competed in a record number of 72 IFBB Pro Shows – qualified for Mr. Olympia competition for ten consecutive years. – Known to be in contest shape year around – set the new standard among IFBB professionals by competing in every organised show throughout a year – known for his excellent muscular proportion, aesthetic shape, balance, symmetry and conditioning. His presence on stage was one of perfection and detail – some of his most notable clients over the years are: Flex Wheeler, Monica Brant, Chris Cormier, Gustavo Badell, Dennis Wolf, Dennis James, Richard Jones, Ben Pakulski, Markus Rühl, Lee Powel, Patrick Tuor, Heiko Kalabach, Barry Kabov, Mustafa Mohammed, Ernie Taylor, Roland Kickinger, Melvin Anthony, Nasser El Sonbaty, Vince Taylor, Hidetada Yamagishi, Tarek Elsetouhi, Joel Stubbs, Troy Alves, Ed van Amsterdam, Mohamad Anouti, Marcos Chacon, Kris Dim, Marius Dohne, Johnnie Otis Jackson, King Kamali, James ‘Flex’ Lewis, Kiyoko “Kiyopi” Yamanaka, Robert Hatch, Ari Kokkonen, Liaw Teck Leong, Nicole Acker, Shellie Beaty… and many more…

During the 3 DAY „MUSCLE CAMP“, COLOGNE you will learn/experience: ▶️ DAY ONE: – The Science of Hyperemia Advantage System – Hyperemia Advantage Training System design and exercise selection for maximal muscle fiber stimulation/hypertrophy – Elevations of endogenous anabolic hormones during resistance exercise and enhancement of training-induced muscle hypertrophy – Specific pre-during-post training supplementation for Hyperemia induced stimulation of maximal muscle protein synthesis ➕ 2 super intense Training sessions
▶️ DAY TWO: – The Science of Muscle Growth – Biomechanics of Resistance Training; Training Frequency and Volume; Exercise Selection and Order; Training Load and Repetitions – Advanced Training Principles – Heavy Duty, Giant Sets, Super Slow, Cluster Training, Pre/Post Exhaustion Training, Occlusion training, Max-Contraction, Controlled Contraction, Isometrics, Negatives, Forced Reps, Static Contractions, Partial Reps, Power Racks… – Regional Differences in Muscle Activation – Utilization of multiple exercises, various grips, stances, angles, tempo, the range of motion and type of muscular contractions for maximal muscle stimulation. – Maximal Hypertrophy training methodology ➕ 2 super intense Training sessions
▶️ DAY THREE: – The Science of Sports Nutrition, Supplementation and Contest Preparation – Macronutrients; Micronutrients; Fluid and Electrolytes – Nutritional and Caloric requirement and timing of specific nutrients and nutritional supplements for maximal hypertrophy and/or maximal fat loss – How to Evaluate the Adequacy of the Diet; Optimization of macro-nutrient regimens – RER (Respiratory Exchange Ratio); Oxygen Uptake and the Aerobic and Anaerobic Contributions to Exercise – The science of Accelerated fat loss. – Pre-competition Nutrition; Design of controlled anti-catabolic/anabolic fat loss diet for maximal results – Peaking contest preparation methods with specifics on glycogen, water and mineral depletion and loading manipulations. ➕ 2 super intense Training sessions
▶️ The Training Camp will be held in English. It is going to be 70% practical – 30% theoretical. ▶️ WHEN: Friday, Saturday & Sunday – May 4th – 6th 2018 ▶️ WHERE: URBAN ATHLETES Widdersdorfer Straße 185 50825 Cologne Germany
▶️ INVESTMENT: Only 1.190,- EUR incl. 19% Sales Tax.! If you are located in a EU Country (outside of Germany) and have a valid VAT number the invoice can be issued without that 19% Sales Tax = 1.000,- EUR Full payment must be made before Camp starts. Cancellation or refunds are not possible. The spot can be transferred to another person under certain circumstances. ❌ There are limited spots available – first come, first serve ▶️ REGISTRATION: Send an email to:

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